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Tuesday, 23 May 2017
School Notices
Disposable Plastic Free Lunchboxes
No more huts on the back field
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AVAILLIn Room 7 we do an activity called AVAILL. It helps us with our literacy and extends our vocabulary. We also have a fun time watching the movie. This term we watched a movie called Valiant. Mrs Robinson puts on the subtitles before we begin. We write notes in our language book. Often Mrs R pauses the movie so we have time to write a few descriptive sentences about ... Read more.
GolfThis term our class went and played golf down on the back field. Th... Read more.
Student Council ElectionsAt the start of 2017 the year 6 and 7s had a very important role an... Read more.
Netball Trials 2017Thursday 23rd March Years 7 and 8s had their first netball trial. It was held at the Recreation C... Read more.
Year 7 & 8 Netball TrialsOn Thursday 23rd the year 7 and 8 girls that wanted to play netball... Read more.