School Notices
Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017
School Notices
Breakout room,pie warmer and microwave
Gold Cards
Plastic Free Tuesday
Student Librarians Lunchtime Duty Today
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Mrs Robinson's Lunch Time ActivitiesIf you are  bored at lunch time and you need something to do, look out for Mrs Robinson because you'll never know what she'll be doing. She may be organising dodge ball, biking down the back field or other fun stuff. So look out for Mrs Robinson. You can even request activities if you'd like?  Just see Mrs Robinson in Room 7. By Hamish  Read more.
Golden Bay i -DesignOn Wednesdays we travel over the hill to Takaka, to go to a special... Read more.
Cross CountryOn the 23rd May our school went down to the Estuary to do our Cross Country. We arrived there at ... Read more.
AVAILLIn Room 7 we do an activity called AVAILL. It helps us with our lit... Read more.
GolfThis term our class went and played golf down on the back field. Th... Read more.