Book Week

Published on Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 12:12 p.m. Print Article

On Monday of week 7 in Term 3 it was the start of a Fantastical Book Week!

We went to the the hall and checked out all of the AMAZING

books and wrote a wish list. There were not only books there was stationery and posters too!

On Wednesday we dressed up as our favourite book characters, there were some INCREDIBLE costumes, well done! Oh we forgot to tell you that we decorated our classroom doors, Room 7 did a Harry Potter theme.

In the afternoon the whole school took a photo and the librarians judged the doors and costumes, our classroom won the door competition and got a movie afternoon.

We paraded through the school and into the classrooms!

On Friday the last day of the MAGNIFICENT book week we bought the last of our books and we remembered how fantastic the week was!

Also we raised  $3000 which is AWESOME!!!

By Isabelle and Alysha

Isabelle, Alysha and Gabbi all dressed up on Book Character Day. They were dressed up as Charlotte, Cheshire Cat and Princess Leia.