MSS Speech Competitions

Published on Wednesday, 17 October 2018, 12:27 p.m. Print Article

On the 11th of September there was an MSS speech competition at least 8 students entered. Six of the children picked their topic to be 'My life after school'. The speech competition was held inside of the hall and only 4 classes could come and watch the 8 students from Mot South presented their speeches. The judges were Mrs Beatson and Mrs Fry. The things they were looking for was someone who spoke loud and proud but also made their speeches entertaining. In between all of the speeches two boys would come out and tell some jokes so that the crowd wouldn’t be bored waiting for the next person. The one speech that made all of the children laugh was Rhys' and his speech was about why you should become a builder. He said things like did you know that you can come straight onto the building site after high school. Once all the speeches were done Mrs Beatson and Mrs Fry chose the 3 best speeches so the person who got third was Andy and the person who got second was Sophia. The person that everyone had been waiting for was Rhys who got first place. Rhys would have to go on practicing as he was going on to represent MSS and verse other people from other schools.
By Hunter and Nikson

Rhys presenting his speech at final assembly.