Top Team 2019

Published on Tuesday, 12 November 2019, 1:50 p.m. Print Article

Yesterday, Tuesday 29 October the year 5 to 8's participated in a series of activities called Top Team.  There were 24 teams with about 4 to 6 people in them.  All the teams rotated around each activity and stayed at them for a least 10 minutes.  There were two teams at each activity.  My favourite activity was the slip and slide obstacle course.  You have to slide on a slip and slide, then scramble your way under a big black net, stand in a tyre, then throw a ball into a hoop and that gives you 5 points.  Sounds pretty simple ay?  But it's NOT!  It takes lots of tries to get the ball into the hoop.  It was my first activity so I was soaking for the rest of the day!  There were so many more fun filled activities that I can't wait to do all again next year!  
By Poppy R7 

Top Team Fun!