Netball Trials 2017

Published on Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 10:16 a.m. Print Article

Thursday 23rd March Years 7 and 8s had their first netball trial. It was held at the Recreation Centre. We were excited about the trials. We stretched and did a few routine. We all got in teams and played against the A team from last year, some of them were Madison Wheki, Sophie Miller, Tasmyn Wilkins,Kate Krouper, Rose Cantrick, Willow Stebbings and a lot more . We played until 5:30. I was very nervous when finding out what team we were in. On Tuesday 4th March we found out what teams we were in, I made it into team C.
I am really looking forward to playing in the 2017 Motueka netball competition.
By Tiare