PB4L Mission / Team

At MSS we believe that positive behaviour choices support students’ learning.  Our dedicated PB4L team meets regularly to discuss ways to maintain and improve that behaviour, so as to provide the best possible learning environment at our school.

to create a safe learning environment, supporting MSS Learners to
- Manage self
- Show respect
- Strive to learn


Michael Harrison
Linda Beatson
Deputy Principal
Petrina Classen
Team Meetings Leader
Team Meetings Timekeeper
Junior Team Leader 
Kieley Robinson
Senior Team Leader
Team Meetings Secretary
Team Members
Anne Campbell
Parent and ORS Teache
Debbie Elliott-Nicholls
Middle Team Teacher 
Jill Creagh
Parent and PTA
Kirsty Griffith
RTLB: Resource Teacher
of Learning and Behaviour 
Glenda Lovell