Student Absences

The following procedures will be followed by the school regarding Student Absences:
  1. Each day a child is absent, the parent is asked to telephone 528 7533 (select Option 2 to leave an absence message) or text 027 758 0419 prior to 9.00am and advise the Administration Staff of the name of child absent, room number and the reason for their absence.  Names received will be circulated around the classrooms after 9.00am. 
  2. Teachers will add other absent children to this list.
  3. If necessary, Administration Staff or the Principal will then contact the parent/caregiver of students absent without notification, to verify the child's whereabouts.  
We would appreciate parent/caregiver co-operation and assistance with this procedure so that we can ensure the safety of all our students as they travel to and from school.