Preparing for School

We hope you find the following information helpful when preparing your child for school. The transition to school is greatly helped when children are well prepared.

Useful skills and attitudes for your children when starting school

  • to be able to mix well and cooperate with others
  • to be happy to have a try at new things
  • to realise that making mistakes is part of learning
  • to be able to dress and undress independently
  • to be responsible for their own toileting
  • to be able to follow directions

Other useful skills

  • to be familiar with books and how to handle them
  • to clear away after themselves and put things away in the right places  
  • to hold a pencil correctly
  • to use lower case letters for writing
It also helps for children to be able to recognise and then write their own name and to have some understanding of early number concepts.  However, most of all, it's important that children are happy to be independent and to 'have a go' at school activities with a positive outlook and smile.