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Social Workers in Schools

'Social Workers in Schools' is a free service supporting children and their families in the MSS school community.
At Motueka South School, we share our SWiS social worker, Bridget Malone, with Parklands School (on a part-weekly basis).  Parents can self-refer to Bridget and other agencies can also refer.

Bridget works successfully through our Student Support committee to:

  • help families access community support and networks
  • provide group programmes which support children and families
  • work one-to-one with children and their families/whanau

The SWiS service is funded by Presbyterian Support to support students and families with:

  • social skills, self esteem and confidence for children
  • children’s peer relationships
  • family relationships
  • behavioural concerns
  • positive parenting
  • eliminating family violence
  • advocacy and referrals to other services
At our school, Bridget and the SWiS organisation help our students by funding, resourcing and/or facilitating programmes such as:
  • ‘Seasons for Growth’ for students experience upsetting grief, loss or disappointing change
  • ‘Whenua Iti’ physical challenge days and team building exercises for social development and self esteem
  • ‘Kidpower’ and ‘Teenpower’ to support resilience
  • Social skills development programmes with Simon Dadley-Moore
  • Positive Parenting programmes and our MSS Parents Library
  • ‘Gem of the First Water’, helping students understand interpersonal relationships, feelings and choices
  • ‘Shine Girls’ for senior girls’ self-esteem and ‘Donna Swift’ for girls’ anti-violence education.
  • Support for our Transition to Motueka High School initiative
  • Support and coordination for senior boys’ Taiaha Wananga