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Student Support

At Motueka South School we are proud of the consistent and proactive way we cater for students’ learning needs, through our system of Student Support. 

Here is Mrs Adele Scotson, who supports our deaf and hearing impaired students.

Our 3 learning teams; Junior, Middle and Senior are headed by Team Leaders who support and monitor the progress of student focus groups devised from ongoing assessments.  Classroom teachers plan inclusive and diverse learning programmes to address learning needs and promote learning by all students.  Teachers respond to student assessments and observations by setting and constantly reviewing and re-setting learning targets with the students.  

Meet Mrs June Fry, our Reading Recovery teacher, seen here working with Aman.

For most students, our targeted teaching strategy is sufficient to ensure their steady learning progress. If more support is indicated, the MSS Student Support process is followed: Teachers meet with parents to discuss any learning issues and complete a Student Support Referral form, including any concerns and goals. The individual learning needs may be for enhancement or extension. Our school-wide Student Support roll also automatically includes those students achieving at low levels through annual nationwide testing (who form the core of each class teacher’s focus groups).   

This is Donna, one of our wonderful teacher aides, working with Chloe and Ariana.

The Student Support Committee meets regularly each fortnight to review and consider teacher referrals, as well as discussing progress or concerns about students and sharing ideas and resources to support individual and groups of student learners.

Riley is seen here baking on 'Onesie Wednesday' (a fundraising dress-up day to support Autism NZ) with Jax, an awesome member of our teacher aide team.

The classroom teacher is responsible for planning the extra activities to support the regular classroom programme. The support is delivered either by our Teacher Aides or if specific teaching is required, by Linda Beatson. Wherever possible, support is provided alongside students in their own classroom but in some cases it may be more appropriate to withdraw students for short focused periods or to participate in specific group programmes, such as Rainbow Reading or SWiS.   

Here is Kelly, another of our fabulous teacher aides, also pictured on the recent dress-up day, working with Neti, an English Language Learner.

Close communication is maintained between the classroom teacher and Student Support, to ensure optimum progress towards the meeting the student’s learning goals.  We work together as a team. Each classroom has a red Student Support Communication book for this purpose, providing feed-forward and feedback between teachers and Student Support, ensuring ongoing success for students.

Mandy is a fantastic member of our Student Support teacher aide team, seen here reading with Xavier. Mandy works well with students from all class levels across the school, providing super support.

Bridget Malone is our new SWiS social worker this year. Bridget is available to support students and their families, either through a direct approach or by speaking with Linda Beatson, our Student Support team coordinator.

Student Support Committee

Coordinator and Deputy Principal: Linda Beatson
SWiS (Social Worker in Schools): Bridget Malone
ORS Teacher: Ingrid Weeks
Resource Teacher of Literacy:  Jan MacLeod
Liaison Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour:  Kirsty Griffith