Published on Wednesday, 12 April 2017, 10:20 a.m. Print Article

In Room 7 we do an activity called AVAILL. It helps us with our literacy and extends our vocabulary. We also have a fun time watching the movie. This term we watched a movie called Valiant. Mrs Robinson puts on the subtitles before we begin. We write notes in our language book. Often Mrs R pauses the movie so we have time to write a few descriptive sentences about what's happening on the screen. Sometimes we search up words in the dictionary. We learnt words like foe and impudent, including their meanings. We discovered that scientific research shows that watching a movie with subtitles on helps many people with their literacy even if they don't write down notes. Amazingly our teacher always manages to find movies related to our topic. Usually we do AVAILL once a term. We would recommend it to people of all ages, especially if you are struggling with literacy and/or writing.
Alyssa and Ai