Fun Run and Fiesta

Published on Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 12:23 p.m. Print Article

The fiesa is about raising money for our school so we can buy more equipment for all the classes.  We had food stalls, games, choir and kapa haka, some of the stalls we did were milkshakes, curry, cold drinks, mystery bottles and the 50 cents throw.  We had lots of fun! We also had two bouncy castles.  We had prizes at the end and it was for first place 5km walkers, first place 5km runner, first place 10km walker and first place 10km runner.  There were lots of prizes and fun things to do.  The major kids spot prize was won by Ella. Tanisha's aunty won the major spot prize of $500!  There was an obstacle course for kids, there were go karts next to the obstacle course and there was a performance of a group of dancers and a solo from Poppy.  
It really was a great event and we would like to thank everyone who supported it and helped make it such a huge success.  
By Bella-Rose and Isabella